Superfluid Helium

              A current line of research is experimental and theoretical investigations
              into the superfluid phase transition of liquid helium.  When cooled to temperatures
              below 2.17 Kelvin (-460 F), liquid helium loses all viscosity and can move
              without friction, known as the superfluid state.  The results in our lab indicate
              that the mechanism underlying this phase transition is quantized vorticity.  At
              low temperatures there is not enough energy in the liquid to excite any vortex
              lines, and the helium can flow freely.  As the temperature is raised, however,
              vortex loops (similar to smoke rings in air) begin to be thermally created, and
              they oppose the flow of the liquid.  Finally at temperatures above 2.17 K (called
              the l-point) the liquid becomes filled with a tangle of vorticity, bringing the
              frictionless flow of the helium to a halt, turning it back into a normal liquid.

                                      Ducks in a classical vortex

Selected recent publications:

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(View JPEG images of this paper: Page 1 , Page 2 , Page 3 , Page 4 , Page 5 , Page 6 , Page 7 , Page 8)

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 Web Powerpoint slides comparing superfluid transitions in porous materials: Bose condensation or broadened Kosterlitz-Thouless ?                                                        

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